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Current Work

Uechi, Edward. Public Service Information Technology: The Manager's Handbook to Harnessing Technology for Cost-Effective Operations and Services. Agreement with Taylor & Francis, Forthcoming in Fall 2019.

Uechi, Edward, Allan Fanucci, and Michael Murray. Computer-based System and Method for Payment Processing, 15/993441. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, 30 May 2018. To be published in April 2019.

Uechi, Edward and Allan Fanucci. Computer-based System for Tracking and Optimizing Productivity of Agricultural Products, 14/820541. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, 6 August 2015. Published Sept. 2016.



Business/Work Opportunity

Edward would welcome one or more of the following opportunities in ranked order of priority:

  1. Paid consultation or employment to provide operational advisory and management, technical analysis and development, and training and support that will enable a government agency or a non-profit organization to accomplish its objectives and goals through the effective and low-cost use of IT resources;

  2. Partnership or investment arrangement to accelerate growth in current product offerings; or,

  3. Speaking engagements without fee to provide non-partisan expertise on IT issues associated with current events and public affairs (e.g., data privacy/sharing, fake user accounts and misinformation on online platforms, IT corporate governance, and IT contracting). Guest speaker or panel expert in public venues.

The first two priorities may be combined with the right organization in which we together can reap the benefits that will result in accomplishing socio-economic development programs (e.g., financial inclusion, food security, food safety, export trade, and personal identity protection).

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