I teach people how to maximize their use of IT resources. I also explain how we can create a truly global community. With technical know-how, collaboration, and kindness.

I’m available to speak about IT Modernization, Information Security, and Workplace Inclusion.

Information Technology (IT) Modernization

This talk will inform leaders on how they can effectively use computers and the Internet to streamline operations in the pursuit of providing products and services to as many people as possible. Whether you’re running a private company, a non-profit organization, or a government agency, you will be able to harness the power of computing to transform your business. And you can do so with whatever budget you have. This talk focuses on the organization’s business needs and how to align those needs with Information Technology. I draw upon lessons from my book, Public Service Information Technology, and from experience in modernizing government agencies and private companies.


  • Realizing business value in IT investments by matching the best and most appropriate technologies to an organization’s business needs and goals.
  • Weighing the risks and costs of emerging technologies, and selecting which technologies can be implemented now and planned for future deployment.
  • Getting the most out of computing technology to enable a business to grow and thrive.

Information Security

This talk will inform managers on securing their information against a range of threats that are applicable to their organization. Various types of threats exist, but certain threats may be perceived as a high risk by one organization and a low risk by another organization. It may not be possible financially to cover all threats. Identified threats need to be assessed and prioritized. And then protection strategies need to be developed. Deploying certain types of computer technologies comprise an important part of information security, but technology by itself is not enough. This talk provides you with a comprehensive framework comprised of multiple layers of security that you can use to protect and safeguard your organization’s information. I draw upon lessons from my book, Public Service Information Technology, and from experience in managing IT operations.


  • Evaluating new and ongoing threats to understand their level of risk to one’s organization, and planning accordingly to prevent and mitigate those threats.
  • Knowing of various technological and non-technological elements that need to be included in a robust and comprehensive Information Security Strategy.
  • Having peace of mind instead of a frantic mind when working to protect information.

Workplace Inclusion

This talk will inform a general audience on minimizing the issues of envy and ego and maximizing the virtues of collaboration and comradery in the workplace. As an American of Japanese descent, I tell my own story of a racial incident and how I dealt with it. That experience had led me to understand the true reason behind racism. As a result, I learned how to approach people who don’t look or act like me to create an environment where we can work well together. This talk provides practical steps that you can take to foster a dynamic and productive workplace made up of people from different races, ethnicities, religions, and cultures. I draw upon my experience in working collaboratively with the Chinese, Ghanaians, Iraqis, and Americans.


  • Finding the latent strengths that lie in the members of a diverse team, and enabling team members to use their strengths freely to make contributions.
  • Understanding what drives racism, and extinguishing the prejudicial beliefs that we all have held on to.
  • Realizing that there is really only one race — the human race.

More topics may be developed based on current trends and specific needs. Topics can be compressed into a brief 10-minute presentation or expanded into a full 60-minute or longer program complete with a question and answer period. I’m open to a variety of venues in the United States and abroad. Contact me to schedule a speaking event at your organization.

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