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Rates vary by the type of service, the level of effort, and the time period. Certain services have a completed system that can be deployed in a few days. In some situations, services can be provided pro bono. In all cases, a final price will be negotiated that is fair and within your budget. Contact Edward now to discuss more about the following technical services:

  1. Database Encryption
  2. Automatic User Authentication
  3. Financial Inclusion
  4. Land Tenure
  5. Agriculture Product Traceability
  6. Food Safety Compliance

Services are not limited to these six items. Additional services include the development of a Training of Trainer (TOT) program with a revenue generation plan, a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Manual with reengineered business processes, an Information Technology (IT) Strategic Plan that effectively uses technology to achieve your mission, and an Information Security Policy that provides a multi-prong approach to safeguarding your assets. Contact Edward now to discuss more about these additional services.


Database Encryption

Delivery of an enterprise database system that stores millions of data records in an encrypted format.

A hacker who breaks into your system cannot use the encrypted data for any useful purpose. You still are protected. The Uechi system applies a proprietary encryption method that does not slow down the computer. Transactions take seconds to complete. The computer software comes with a unique encryption key that you use to unlock (decrypt) your data.


Automatic User Authentication

Delivery of a user management system that securely authenticates and verifies computer users automatically.

You no longer need to remember and type in a password. The Uechi method establishes one user account per person and binds the account to one physical device that the person owns. This patent pending method also allows you to log in automatically to a number of configured software applications. Any other person who attempts to use your user account will be denied access, based on multiple user authentication factors. The Uechi system solves the problem of a single person who creates many bogus user accounts linked to different e-mail addresses or mobile phone numbers. This system restricts one real person to create and maintain only one user account.


Financial Inclusion

Delivery of a mobile-to-mobile payment system along with a profit-making program that enables people who cannot obtain a bank account or a credit card to start transacting digital payments and to build a credit history.

Those who have been left out of the economy can be included to climb themselves out of poverty. The Uechi method allows a person to use their mobile device to send and receive a payment electronically. This patent pending method ensures that the payment has been sent and received by the correct persons through a series of notifications. The sender and the recipient can give their expressed approval, cancelation, acceptance, or rejection. Through a network of money transfer agents, a person can draw down their balance to have an amount in local currency. An authorized money transfer agent handles deposits and withdrawals for registered users.


Land Tenure

Delivery of satellite imagery maps that show where a person or a family has land holdings and any physical properties such as buildings and water sources.

It can be difficult to know where the boundaries are. The Uechi system allows you to survey the land that you currently use and document the exact boundary of the land. The precise locations of buildings, fixtures, water sources, and other properties can also be documented. You can submit these maps as evidence to a government agency or share them with your neighbor to assert your legal right in owning the land and to settle any land dispute. The Uechi system enables a person to conduct the land survey with a qualified mobile smartphone.


Agriculture Product Traceability

Delivery of a customized mobile software application that a mid- to large-scale farmer can use to distribute to authorized buyers of the farmer's agriculture products.

The computer software is customized for a particular agricultural producer to ensure that production data remains confidential and that the data can only be accessed by those who the producer has given expressed authorization. The Uechi system includes a private database application that is exclusive to one agricultural producer. This patent pending system further allows the farm manager to analyze agricultural, environmental, and administrative data to identify any errors in any stage of production and to make the necessary corrections. In the event of a food-borne health illness that is traced back to the farm, the farm manager will be able to go through the electronic records to find out what caused the food safety problem.


Food Safety Compliance

Delivery of a farm management system that allows a farmer of any size to comply with a food safety law and an international standard such as GLOBALG.A.P. or Fairtrade.

The farm manager can check on activities related to their farm operation and packhouse facility, and if applicable a food processing factory. It makes good business sense to provide assurance to buyers that crops are safe to eat. Failure to comply with applicable regulations can cost the farm manager a hefty fine or risk the shipment of packed produce from being confiscated and destroyed by a government authority. The Uechi system provides tools and functions to collect and analyze a comprehensive set of records related to a farmer's agricultural production process.


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